Chasing the occupation

Career onlineJob hunting is often a daunting and painful experience. Especially when you are first entering the workforce or changing occupations. In this tough economic time the job market is becoming more competitive as less and less jobs become available. Keith McGowan is a careers councilor and psychologist at Wollongong TAFE. He offered his expertise and advice to Crossfire and gave some insight into the art-form we call job hunting.


Changes for unmarried couples

What happens when you are in a de facto relationship and everything turns sour?

Since the 1st of March unmarried couples, in a separation, will be open to the same claims and treatment by the courts as a marital divorce.

Family courts will be able to make decisions on the distribution of property, superannuation and children. These laws also apply to same-sex couples.

A seminar about the laws and what they mean will be held next Tuesday at the City Gallery. Peter Chodat of Kells Lawyers took the time to explain the laws and what they mean for unmarried couples this afternoon to Crossfire.

For more information on the seminar call Kells Lawyers on 42219321

Conflict over parking meters in Wollongong’s CBD

Next Tuesday night (21st April) a public meeting will be held to discuss the Councils plans to introduce parking meters in the Wollongong CBD area. The project is part of the Inner City Parking Strategy. The council says the 850 meters will improve efficiency or parking and lessen traffic congestion. The profit will supposedly go to funding more parking and public transport.

The City Diggers club General Manager Phil Ryan says the meters will affect businesses in the area and will put staff at risk when having to walk long distances to their cars.

Mr Ryan took the time to speak to Crossfire about his concerns with the councils parking meter strategy.

Meeting Details: 6pm Tuesday 21 April at the City Diggers club Wollongong

World at a Cross Roads

Activist from around the world will descend on Sydney this Easter weekend to discuss the international issues affecting us all, and possible solutions, at the Worlds at a Crossroads Conference.



Wollongong socialist representative and co-founder of Resistance, Jess Moore, will be speaking at the conference.

Jess explained to Crossfire that she believes this generation of youth can help Australia, and the world, address these social, environmental and political issues.

The Butterfly Foundation helps Australian with Eating Disorders


The Butterfly Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Claire Vickery to help Australians with eating disorders.

The foundation has recently been granted $500 000 by the Rudd government to organise and head a collaborated project of all Australian research and health clinics who work towards a solution for eating disorders.

Claire Vickery took the time to speak to Crossfire and explain more about the issues surrounding eating disorders and how solutions can be found and put to work.