Unemployment in the Illawarra rising

Last month’s figure revealed unemployment in the Illawarra has hit nearly 10 per cent in the region. Melissa Jaros spoke to CEO of Edmen Employment Agency Eddie De Gabriele about what you need to do to find a job. Listen in to the program this Tuesday night to hear the interview.


Writing about their experiences: Illawarra youth

Two years ago, Phwoar! Youth Matters, a magazine written by and for homeless youth was established as part of a University of Western Sydney academic research project. The university then partnered up with the Southern Youth and Family Services (SYFS) to find youth who were enthusiastic about producing a magazine.

Funds for this project are now due to cease but the Phwoar team has hopes of finding a new source of sponsorship to continue the magazine.

Sandra Pires of Why documentaries has been a key player in this project, and last week she spoke to Crossfire about the project and its achievements.

Emma is 18 and a client of the SYFS. She has been a contributor and editor to this magazine and is confident about her future writing career and wants to be a journalist.

Emma spoke to Crossfire about what the magazine has meant for her.

Trent is another member of the Phwoar team. He has a passion for film and an interest in design and he spends his time laying out the magazine, the images and tweeking the overall design. Trent spoke to Crossfire about his interests and what he gets out of working on this magazine.

Keep listening to Crossfire for followup interviews about Illawarra homelessness and Phwoar! Youth Matters magazine.

For more information about the magazine or sponsorship for the magazine contact Why Documentaries at:


Youth Unemployment in the Illawarra

High youth unemployment has plagued the Illawarra for decades, however the economic crisis has made it even harder for youth in the region. This piece looks at the Illawarra Regional Information Service ’s report on Youth Unemployment in the Illawarra and CEO of Edmen Employment Agency Eddie De Gabriel discusses the increase of youth searching for jobs. It also delves into the April Australia Bureau of Statistics figures which reflect an interesting drop in the youth unemployment rate in the Illawarra.

ArtExpress exhibition

ArtExpress is held each year to showcase outstanding artworks from visual art students in the Higher School Certificate. The theme of the Wollongong City Gallery’s show is 4D artworks which are time based. Melissa Jaros spoke to local artist and fomer Bulli High student Rochelle Merrick about her artwork and her reaction to being chosen for the ArtExpress exhibition.

Curator Louise Brand explains what the 4D exhibition is about and how important it is for people to view young people’s artworks.

The ArtExpress exhibition will be on display until August 2.

AL-ANON family groups – support for family and friends

Al-Anon is a support group and program for friends and family of problem drinkers.

For more than 55 years and across more than a hundred countries, people have been meeting, listening and sharing their experiences dealing with an alcoholic in their lives.

The process usually begins with a person acknowledging that their own life is being affected by a friend or family members drinking problem, the Al-Anon twenty questions can help determine how prominent this problem is.

The next step is often to attend an Al-Anon family group meeting. In an interview with a member of this support group Crossfire found out what a new-comer could expect when stepping into a group support meeting for the first time.

Visit Al-Anon Australia for more information, and visit Al-Anon for international information.

A group catered to help young people, Alateen Australia, is also available.

The second interviewee in this Crossfire series is a gentlemen who joined Al-anon group meetings while with his ex-partner who was a problem drinker.

The last interivew of this series is with a woman who ahas been a member of Al-anon for more than 20 years and represents perhaps the majority of those seeking support from Al-anon groups.

Donate it, don’t dump it

Wollongong is working its way towards a greener community with the help of twenty-first century technology. Recycling is making a comeback. And it’s not just our landfills reaping the rewards.

Mobile phone recycling is a simple and effective way to reduce waste in landfills, conserve African habitat and land and clean out the drawers at home.

There are numerous campaigns around the world trying to raise awareness about the dangers of mobile phone waste and encourage people to get involved with recycling their old and unused handsets.

Programs such as the Australian Recycling Program also offer the benefit of not just recycling unusable phones, the reuse handsets in reasonable condition – delivering them to third world countries.

For more information about the universities recycling program and where to drop off your phones please visit the Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives Unit.

$7 million dollars for schools in the region

Schools in the Illawarra region have received more than $7 million dollars in funding as part of the second round of the National School Pride Program. Melissa Jaros spoke to Minister for the Illawarra David Campbell and Woonona High School Principal Martin Arrowsmith about the funding for schools in the region.