Coffee Addiction

If you share Crossfire’s passion for coffee you might want to read this. It explains why we get headaches if we haven’t had our double shot lattes by 10am

Community reaches out to bored teenagers

Berkely has been in the spotlight recently after a staggering 96 grassfires were lit in the area in just 10 weeks. Authorities suspect bored teenagers are responsible for the fires and local residents have had enough. The newly formed Lake Illawarra Northern Communties Group held their second meeting last week. Crossfire spoke to organizer Bob McKellar to find out how it went.

It seems lack of community engagement and activities is often linked to a high rate of teenage crime. Do you think local teenagers with nothing to do are being forced into dangerous activities? Or should they be able to make their own choices about whether or not they want to vent their energy into something more constructive?

A Water Saving Nation?

Living on the driest continent in the world, Australians are well aware of the importance of water. The current drought is the longest, most severe and damaging in Australia’s recorded history. So it’s no wonder that most Australians, whether they live in the country or the city, have learnt to appreciate a drop of rain. But are we actively trying to save water?

Researchers Professor Sara Dolnicar from the University of Wollongong, and Professor Anna Hurlimann from the university of Melbourne, set out to gauge public opinion on water conservation.

Crossfire caught up with Professor Sara Dolnicar earlier to find out what kind attitudes they unearthed.

Do have any water saving tips that wont break the budget? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Rural Wind Farm Inquiry

The final session of the NSW State Governments inquiry into the developments of existing commercial rural wind farms will be held in Tamworth tomorrow. With the current interest in the development of community wind farms on the South Coast, I thought it might be interesting to hear from someone who knows what effect commercial wind farms can have on rural communities, and what we can learn from the development process.

Katrina Hodgkinson, the State MP for Burrinjuck, addressed the Inquiry panel when it came to Goulburn. Ms Hodgkinson knows how such an issue can divide a town.

While there are distinct differences between commercial and community wind farms, the South Coast community can only learn from the outcome of this inquiry.

Helensburgh protest

It was always going to shape up to be a big event, and the Climate Camp held in Helensburgh over the weekend did not fail to impress. Crossfire spoke to Climate Camp organiser Jess Miller in the lead up to the event, to find out just what Climate Camp was all about

People came from all directions to protest against the expansion of the Metropolitan Colliery at Helensburgh. But as you can hear in the report below, many locals saw the protest as an attack on their town.

Activists marched down the main street of Helnsburgh

Activists marched down the main street of Helnsburgh

The day began peacefully as activists banded together at the local park, before marching down the main street chanting slogans and playing instruments.

They all wore blue, which was meant to represent a wave of water. The activists say expansion of the mine, which the NSW state government has approved, will destroy rivers in the catchment that is Sydney largest supply of drinking water.

Activist from all generations approached the police line

Activist from all generations approached the police line

As the protesters attempted to enter the mine, they were stopped by strong police presence. At one stage the number of police and horses appeared to out number protesters
It wasn’t long before the long started throwing eggs at the protesters, but the activists persisted, and soon all were sitting down in front of the police line
Five activists were arrested earlier in the day after locking themselves to conveyor belts Mount Kembla’s Dendrobian Mine, and a further eight arrests were made when protesters eventually crossed police lines into Helensburgh’s Metropolitan Colliery.

Youth legal system needs work

The Youth Justice Coalition has released a report titled “Bail Me Out” and recomends a number of changes to the bail conditions imposed on young people. The homeless youth who end up in front of a court find it particularly difficult to adhere to bail conditions. The report showed 60 per cent of youth held on remand were in custody becuase of a breach of bail conditions. Sharon Callaghan is from the Illawarra legal centre and explained to Crossfire the current situation for homeless youth on bail, and why it is so important to make it less daunting for those on the streets.

South Coast Windfarms

To consolidate some of the discussions we have recently had on Crossfire about the proposals to develop community wind farm proposals on the South Coast, I have put together the following package. It highlights the conflicting views between local politicians, and it clear that this will be an ongoing issue in the future.Wind Farms Package


How much food do you waste in your own kitchen? Imagine how much food restaurants and cafes are throwing out at the end of the day.

This is something Ronni Kahn thought about often and hard until she came up with a solution. OzHarvest is a food rescue charity. By picking up food waste from restaurants and redistributing it to charity groups they are helping feed the homeless and people experiencing disadvantage for free.

Ronni Kahn is the OzHarvest founding director and spoke to Crossfire about how she started this rescue operation and why she believes its not just about helping people but also the environment.

Voices of Children

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A group of university teachers have come up with a way for children all over the world to communicate their life and view of the world with people they will never meet.

Dr Pauline Lysaght, Professor Ian Brown and Lecturer Ros Westbrook of the University of Wollongong Education Faculty are the brains behind an exhibition of children’s photography at the University open until October 3.

1 (5)30 Indian Children from Kolkata and Mumbai were given disposable cameras and told to take pictures of whatever they wanted going about their daily lives. The results are insightful and original.

The exhibition, The Voices of Children: India will soon head off over seas for exhibition in the children’s home cities.

In the five years since this project has spread giving children from Thailand to America the chance to be a photographer.

Dr Pauline Lysaght spoke to Crossfire about how the project began and how it has evolved.

Check out past projects at the Voices of Children Website

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