AL-ANON family groups – support for family and friends

Al-Anon is a support group and program for friends and family of problem drinkers.

For more than 55 years and across more than a hundred countries, people have been meeting, listening and sharing their experiences dealing with an alcoholic in their lives.

The process usually begins with a person acknowledging that their own life is being affected by a friend or family members drinking problem, the Al-Anon twenty questions can help determine how prominent this problem is.

The next step is often to attend an Al-Anon family group meeting. In an interview with a member of this support group Crossfire found out what a new-comer could expect when stepping into a group support meeting for the first time.

Visit Al-Anon Australia for more information, and visit Al-Anon for international information.

A group catered to help young people, Alateen Australia, is also available.

The second interviewee in this Crossfire series is a gentlemen who joined Al-anon group meetings while with his ex-partner who was a problem drinker.

The last interivew of this series is with a woman who ahas been a member of Al-anon for more than 20 years and represents perhaps the majority of those seeking support from Al-anon groups.