Kevin Rudd comes to town

It was on short notice and the excitement was short lived but Kevin Rudd made one long term difference in the Illawarra on his visit to Wollongong on Monday. The Prime Minister stopped in at Port Kembla to announce that BlueScope Steel had won a $20 million contract to produce steel for three new navy destroyers. Rudd then moved on to the Town Hall where he guided 200 selected leaders, politicians and volunteers through a jobs forum.

Member for Wollongong Noreen Hay attended the meeting. On Tuesday, budget day, Hay quickly answered a few Crossfire questions before heading off to question time.


Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme White Paper links

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd formally launched the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme White Paper this week.


Essentially, Kevin Rudd’s scheme is about emissions trading; the concept of selling and buying carbon credits. By charging companies for their pollution output the government can force then to be more responsible and pro-active about cutting down their output.


Companies will purchase permits in balance to how much pollution they produce. This extra cost to the companies will however, be passed onto consumers with increases in the price of products and services. When the scheme commences in 2010, so will the Climate Change Action Fund. This is an initiative by the Rudd government that passes on funds to eligible Australians who need assistance coping with the increased cost of every day living.


Not everyone agrees with Kevin Rudd’s target of a 5% reduction by 2020. Protesters say the target should be higher, closer to 20%. 


Even at 5% Australians in the lower socioeconomic population will feel the burden of price increases. To find out more and just how much you will be affected by the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, visit the Governments Carbon Reduction Scheme and you paper.

The White Paper can be viewed online.

A short video by the Prime minister can also viewed online.