The Illawarra comes together to help the Bushfire victims

Australia mourned for the victims of the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria which has killed at least 210 people. Fires have ravaged through parts of the state for the past three weeks but many have said the day of mourning has come too soon after the wide spread devastation. Ten police officers from the region were deployed along with another 150 from the state to help relieve Victorian firefighters. Various emergency volunteers also joined the team from the Illawarra to help out those in the devastated areas including 21 firefighters from the Illawarra, Macarthur, Wollondilly and Sutherland areas. But it’s not only the emergency services in the region who have selflessly volunteered. Businesses and individuals in the Illawarra have come together to support the Victorian Bushfire Appeal with numerous events organised to raise money for those in need. Club Captain of Thirroul Surf Life Saving Club Lachlan Pritchard organised a bucket drive to send funds to the vitcims of the fires. I spoke to Lachlan last week to discuss his motivation for organising the drive and how the local community got involved.

Interview with Club Captain of Thirroul Surf Life Saving Club Lachlan Pritchard

Other events which will be held in the region include

– Friday March 6, Upstairs at the North Wollongong Pub with every person’s $10 entry fee going to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Arrests made at Homebake music festival

The festival season has begun with 20 000 people attending yesterday’s Homebake festival at The Domain in Sydney.

NSW police have issued warnings to trouble makers saying there will be a “zero tolerance” attitude towards anti-social behaviour.

As of 8pm yesterday 8 people had been charged with alleged drug supply including a man charged with possession of 28 ecstasy tablets. Overall, 87 drug detections were made with 76 people being charged.

Since 2007 Homebake has become an over 18’s event because of tight licensing regulations. Twenty four youths received infringement notices for trying to use fake id’s to enter the event.

NSW police have vowed to combat anti-social behavior over summer. Operation simmer was launched on December 1, NSW Minister for police Tony Kelly says this is a pro-active approach to controlling car hoons, licensing issues and drug and alcohol offences.