Cosmetic tattoos at Booth 88

Hundreds of people wandered through the maze of colour, ink, needles and piercings over the weekend at the Sydney Tattoo & Body Art

155 artists from Australia, France, Germany, Indonesia and other worldy body art arenas came to compete and showcase their works at Sydney Showground to the hardcore tattoo fans of Sydney.


Burried among the booths of coloured skulls and tongue rings was a different kind of tattooist. Val Glover-Hovan is  cosmetic tattoo specialist and educator who has been colouring the lips and eyes of men and women since 1985.

‘Wake up with Make up’ is the slogan ot booth 88 at the three day expo, and at Vals’ studio in Sydney where she consults and tattoos clients needing everything from eyebrows to medical scars covered up. The trend is popular and growing, but also an unusual one to those who may not ever have considered taking such an extreme measure to have permanent make up.


Val at booth 88 at the Sydney Tattoo & Bodyart Expo

Val spoke to crossfire while at the expo. Listen in to learn more…