Writing about their experiences: Illawarra youth

Two years ago, Phwoar! Youth Matters, a magazine written by and for homeless youth was established as part of a University of Western Sydney academic research project. The university then partnered up with the Southern Youth and Family Services (SYFS) to find youth who were enthusiastic about producing a magazine.

Funds for this project are now due to cease but the Phwoar team has hopes of finding a new source of sponsorship to continue the magazine.

Sandra Pires of Why documentaries has been a key player in this project, and last week she spoke to Crossfire about the project and its achievements.

Emma is 18 and a client of the SYFS. She has been a contributor and editor to this magazine and is confident about her future writing career and wants to be a journalist.

Emma spoke to Crossfire about what the magazine has meant for her.

Trent is another member of the Phwoar team. He has a passion for film and an interest in design and he spends his time laying out the magazine, the images and tweeking the overall design. Trent spoke to Crossfire about his interests and what he gets out of working on this magazine.

Keep listening to Crossfire for followup interviews about Illawarra homelessness and Phwoar! Youth Matters magazine.

For more information about the magazine or sponsorship for the magazine contact Why Documentaries at:



What’s in your Headspace?


Headspace is an Australian National Youth Mental Health Foundation focused on providing physical and mental health advice and care to people between the ages of 12 and 25.  The foundation has launched a television ad campaign to raise its profile and has a strong presence online where its target audience tend to go first for help. Kellie Marshall, Deputy CEO of the Illawarra Division of General Practice spoke to crossfire about what services Headspace clinics provide.

For more information check out the Headspace website.
If you would like to talk to someone at Headspace Illawarra call: 02 4225 1184

Headspace Illawarra full details

Address: 1A Denison Street Wollongong NSW 2500
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm
Contact Details: Phone: 02 4225 1184, Fax: 02 4225 0606, Email: headspace@idgp.org.au

Generation Next: education on the young for the old

Generation Next is a seminar series designed explain the foreign world of youth to parents, teachers and others dealing with young adults and teenagers.

Cyber safety, drug and alcohol use – amongst other topics, are addressed by the presenters. Dr Ramesh Manocha, a GP medical researcher and educator, developed the Generation Next seminars in consultation with academics and experts in the relevant areas.

Dr Manocha spoke to Crossfire briefly about some of the bigger issues facing youth.