Clean up Australia day a success for Wollongong

Clean up Australia day beings thousands of Aussies out each year to help pick up the trash cluttering our beaches and park leands. The Illawarra had its own success on Sunday when 1100 people turned out to help clean up more than 30 sites from Helensburgh to Dapto.



 Environment Education Coordinator for Wollongong City Council, Mike McKeon, says plastic bottles, glass and cigarette butts make up the majority of the trash collected. 30% of the garbage collected is recyclable. The council is still consolidating and sorting garbage but so far the Illawarra’s collection count is up to 12 tonne.



Australians have long been conscious of the need for a clean environment, especially in an age where global warming is already showig its effects, but more needs to be done do help reduce waste. Taking simple steps

such as using reusable coffee cups or photocopying double sided can help in reducing the amount of trash filling our landfills.



In agreement with Mr McKeon, The Clean Up Australia group says cigarette butts and tobacco related products are Australia’s biggest litter issue. Almost 50% of the trash collected from urban areas is cigarette butts.



Two United Diver Clean up Australia Day participants emerge from the harbour


Waterways are a primary focus of the Clean Up Australia Day, an estimated 7 billion tonnes of rubbish enters the world’s oceans each year, Wollongong harbour was no different. On Sunday the University diving club and United Divers scoured the Harbour floor picking up rubbish.


Des Peros of United Divers says everything from plastic to fishing robs can be found under the water. Marine debris is not only a pollution problem is also kills up to 1million sea birds a year along with thousands of other types of marine life.




The United Divers team on Sunday after cleaning up the Harbour


Listen to the report…[Audio


How’s the Harbour going? A brief update.

If you have been wondering if Belmore Basin will be open for Christmas the council say they are anticipating that the harbour will be open, up and running for locals and tourists.

Close to completion, Wollongong Harbour
Close to completion, Wollongong Harbour

Belmore Basin project manager Lance Hazell says “weather is a constant variable” as it takes two to three weeks for the turf to settle, ready for the thousands of people expected to visit the area. “Timing is necessary to ensure the turf survives the number of people we anticipate will visit the area”.

The council are expecting more than 70 000 people to visit the site over January  with the harbour being a popular place for New Years and  Australia Day celebrations.

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